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Ryan Allen. Wellington Point QLD

I was recommended to Heidi and couldn't of been happier with the experience. After 2 treatments of Bowen Therapy there was a dramatic improvement. I am now back at work and completely pain free. I couldn't recommend Heidi more. And for anyone wanting to experience complete relaxation, my partner is a huge fan of the Hot Stone Massages!! I can't wait to try one myself. I couldn't thank Heidi more. Late last year, I had horrible pain in my lower back. It was to the point where I was off work and was interfering in my day to day life. I was also really concerned as I had a 3 week holiday booked and was concerned I wouldn't be able to fly as I couldn't sit for long periods at a time without it causing extreme pain.


Kris from Manly

How can I express my gratitude to someone who has relieved me from pain, taught me about natural therapies to improve my wellbeing and has improved my sleep? Hopefully by
sharing my experiences with you about Heidi and her Bowen and Dorn Spinal Therapy then you too will reap the benefits in your own life. All my life, I have experienced pain in  my calves, restless legs and lower back pain which affected my ability to sleep.  After hundreds of visits to chiropractors and physiotherapists I thought it was something I would just have to live with. After recently having a hole in my heart closed and my symptoms of pins and needles in my arms, multiple leg cramps and a pain in my neck and left shoulder not being relieved, I was fortunate enough to discover Bowen and Dorn Spinal Therapy through Heidi in December 2010.  Later I discovered I had Thoracic Outlet
Syndrome.  My pins and needles and leg cramps kept waking me through the night and I had not slept properly for over eight months.

After a lengthy discussion about my symptoms and the stress I was under, Heidi assessed my body.  I must say during that first session I cried.  Not because of the pain but because she was touching me in all the right trigger point areas that brought on my pain or symptoms.  I knew right then that this was a woman who knew what she was doing and that at last, I had found a practitioner who could relieve me. Next session she worked on my coccyx and miraculously overnight the pain in my calves and the restless legs that I lived with all my life was gone. She then worked on my other symptoms and one by one they either disappeared or improved vastly.
Through her Dorn Spinal Therapy she was able to provide me with the best stretches my body needed. I complemented her treatment with acupuncture for my poor circulation and I am happy to say that I now sleep deeply and rather than waking every hour, I now only wake once each night.

Recently I put my back out with back spasms after a big weekend of entertaining.  Heidi was on holidays and so I sent her an email after other therapy had not relieved
me.  When she returned, although still on holidays, she called me into see her at 4.30pm.  She used Dorn Spinal Therapy on me for 15 minutes and by 10.30pm that night, my pain was gone including the inflammation!  She's says my body is an amazing thing but I think she's amazing. Not only does Heidi have an incredible level of expertise she has a heart to match.  She goes out of her way to share her knowledge in natural therapies which, for me, has most definitely improved the way my family and I are living I now choose Bowen and Dorn Spinal Therapy as maintenance for my body rather than other therapies that I thought were a necessity for pain that would not go away. I highly recommend Heidi and her Bowen and Dorn Spinal Therapy to any person who is suffering from pain.  Life altering experiences of this extraordinary degree demands acknowledgment, respect and, most of all, gratitude.  If you want your pain gone, then Bowen combined with Dorn Spinal Therapy is your solution.


Love you Heidi! - Cassie

Where do I start!  Heidi is amazing, I was referred by a friend to see Heidi in the last stages of pregnancy.  As soon as I spoke to her on the phone I knew she would be a very special person.  As this was my first pregnancy and baby, I was nervous about the birth and couldn't wait to meet Heidi as I had heard so many wonderful things about her!  I saw Heidi regularly from the 28 week mark and she provided me with wonderful treatments and essential motherly advice  in preparation.  The day came and I was able to give birth to a very healthy baby boy in 4 ½ hours without any drugs.  My body was totally prepared all thanks to Heidi and her treatments.  I truly believe Heidi's Bowen treatments and advice assisted in the smooth labour and delivery. I took my son to see Heidi shortly after the birth so she could do a treatment on him and I continue to see Heidi whenever I
can find some spare time.  I have and will continue to recommend Heidi to all of my friends.  

Heather-Ann Briker-Bell - Speech Pathologist

Thank you so much Heidi for your skilled application of effective techniques, your expertise and your warm professionalism. Your skills have powerfully' released and unleashed' those tight muscles affording fantastic relief and significant improvement in range and ease of movement after your treatment. Combined with the infra-red sauna, I can say I feel like a 'new woman'!
My warmest thanks to you again.


Deb O

Hi there, my name is Debra and want the world to know just how SPECIAL HEIDI & BOWEN ARE! at one time there i thought i was going to Hospital to have my shoulders operated on , after having Cortisone injections and a specialist telling me that the op was the only way out ,BUT then i went and saw HEIDI,once again she came through for me with BOWEN and here i am all better with hardly any pain and movement in my shoulders that the DR said only an OPERATION would fix, THANKS HEIDI YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL PERSON.


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